What is Interim Management ?

Interim Management is the provision of operational management resource skills for a company or organisation, for a determined length of time and with precise objectives, to deal with exceptional situations or change. Interim management emerged in the 1970s in the Netherlands and the United States, and the market appeared in France in the 1990s and has been growing steadily since the year 2000. Mostly unknown in France until a few years ago, Interim Management has become an important management tool for business leaders, Human Ressource directors …  who need to resolve critical issues, and is an invaluable asset in facing the increasing need for management security

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Interim Management involves :

  • Company and business unit managers: President, CEO, General Manager…
  •  Support function managers: Human Resources Director, Financial Affairs Director, Director of Computer Information Systems
  • Specialists: turn around, operational excellence, lean, digital…
  • Experts: management control, consolidation manager, quality manager…

The Interim Management firm Cairn Expert provides these operational and qualified executives and managers on the spot. The managers are supervised and accompanied all along their assignment by one of the firm’s associates.


Interim Management and Cairn Experts

  • Interim management is a concept based on trust. Its key success factors are :
  • A clear and precise formulation of the clients’ need and the objectives of the mission among the different parties.
  • Competent, experienced, and immediately operational interim managers.
  • A formalised follow-up/monitoring of the assignment by an associate of Cairn Experts interim management firm, who remains the principal interlocutor with the client throughout the entire mission
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At Cairn Experts, we guarantee to find the expert for your specific situation among our 2000 referenced managers and within 8 days.

In which context should you call upon interim management?

Historically, Interim Management was assimilated with crisis management. Today, Interim Management is an effective means in the implementation of strategic projects, performance improvement, or handle a managerial discontinuation.