Cairn Experts specializes in Premium Interim Management. Our database offers more than 2,000 highly skilled professionals including 250 interim managers ready to intervene immediately and respond to all your complex and urgent situations. We deal with top and middle management professionals, in all business sectors, in France and worldwide:

Company and business unit managers:

  • President
  • CEO
  • Director General
  • Deputy Director General
  • Business Unit Director

Support function managers:

  • Financial Affairs Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • Director of Computer Information Systems

Specialists :

  • turn around
  • operational
  • excellence
  • ean
  • digital

Experts :

  • management control
  • consolidation manager
  • quality manager
  • supply chain
  • credit manager


Referenced Managers
Managers Immediately Available
Maximum Intervention Time


How to respond to an urgent, critical need for management skills ?

Relying on an interim manager enables you to :

  • Benefit from specialists who will take on the new assignment at short notice until the right person is found
  • Avoid the following situations: absence of a manager, an overloaded staff, a rushed and mismatched recruitment, a vacancy left unfilled for too long unable to find the perfect profile 

To meet your managerial emergencies, Cairn Experts responds within 24h and provides the most suitable interim manager for your company within 8 days.

  • Sudden unavailability of an executive or a manager, severe managerial failure, governance problems.
  • Management relay, finding the replacement of a key person.
  • Accelerated Recruiting.


Employing an Interim Manager limits the risks linked to a crisis.

Employing an Interim Manager limits the risks linked to a crisis, which can put the company in a high level of risk. During a crisis, no mistake is tolerated. The intervention of a crisis manager, who knows how to analyze and take a decision efficiently, communicate perfectly, and ensures an emotional resilience, allows the company to quickly solve a crisis and limit the damages.

What is a crisis situation ?

There is a patchwork of crisis situations. It may be a an employment preservation plan, a turnover, a recovery, a restructuring, a decrease in activity, a tax audit…

Highly experienced and hyper-responsive, interim managers know how to act, make the right decisions, and manage the staff in an emergency. The interim manager is used to dealing with difficult situations, and is detached from power issues. he remains calm and sees things with fresh eyes.

  • Cession
  • Closure
  • Activity transfer
  • Employment preservation plan
  • Restructuring
  • Resizing
  • Crisis management


In an ever-changing economy, our clients need interim managers that ensure a rapid increase of operational performances.

These interim managers and specialists can identify resource solutions that will yield concrete, swift and durable results in the implementing transitional change.

  • Launching strategic projects, complex project management, change management.
  • Company acquisitions, mergers – integration.
  • Improving performance and internal procedures.
  • Business boom, company diversification.
  • Creation of new job profiles.